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Building Inspiring Spaces

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” – William A. Foster, WWII Medal of Honor recipient

A custom home/custom remodel is a personal experience. Our goal to ensure that your values and needs are met for a pleasant and comfortable and active lifestyle, while being both creative and responsive to your needs.

You have many choices when looking for a builder, and it often comes down to the bottom line. Any builder can price a plan. You will see the difference in our details.

Be cautious that you are comparing apples to apples during your builder selection process. There is often a distinction between the quality of materials and the standards of workmanship of the builder, subcontractors and employees.

A good relationship is key to success of a project. We will work to ensure you receive the highest level of service.

We stand behind every home we build with a full one-year warranty.

Ask Questions

As you choose your builder, ask all kinds of questions about the specifications of the proposal. These details will help you differentiate between quality custom components versus assembly line items. It is important to feel that your builder will work with you to determine your lifestyle needs and how these can be made to fit into your budget.

Cost Plus Pricing

Joel Andersen Homes uses a cost plus pricing method. The biggest advantage to working within this kind of system is that the client is able to obtain my pricing. Because of my long-term relationships, I am able to negotiate exceptional contract rates from my subcontractors and vendors. I pass these onto the client thereby allowing the client to get the best value for their project. Often times, these savings translate into the client being able to upgrade many options of their project because the costs are so reasonable. In the traditional scenario of building a custom home, many charges are inflated to include a profit for the builder. This is not the case with Andersen Homes. You know exactly what my costs are and what my profit is upfront. This openness creates an atmosphere of trust that is invaluable to my business. My clients are more than clients they are often neighbors and friends. It is important to have a relationship of honesty and trust.